Why do grown, successful men choose to buy aggressive-sounding cars with gas guzzling V8’s even as gas prices hover around $4 a gallon? The answer is simple really. Nothing in the world sounds like a properly tuned and running performance V8 engine. The hum at low speeds, the growl as you dip into the throttle, and the all out roar of 400+ horsepower thundering through the exhaust system; these are the reasons men buy muscle cars.

Ford has given buyers of the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang a special feature, a side-exhaust cutout that makes a mean-sounding car sound even meaner. Lethal Performance shot this video to demonstrate the difference between the two exhaust notes.

This is a rare feature for a factory-built car, and pays homage to the racing roots of the Boss 302 Mustang. The exhaust block-off plates that Ford includes with the car directs the exhaust towards two side-exit exhaust tips, bypassing the mufflers for a much-more intimidating growl compared to the “stock” note. It’s a clever way to get around government regulations and rules, and this small little feature makes a big difference in the tone of the car. All it takes to remove the restrictor plate is a 15mm socket and the removal to two bolts to make your car Boss go from mild to wild.

Don’t believe us? Listen for yourself. It is as plain as day that the side-exit exhausts on the Boss 302 Mustang create a much angrier sound from the back of this beast. Now imagine if this feature existed on the regular Mustang GT, as well as the Shelby GT500? We think Ford should start making this an optional feature on all Mustangs, don’t you guys agree?