While it wasn’t much of a winter, we’re still glad it is almost over. Because once spring is here, that means so is the racing season. And there are few motorsports events we look forward to more than Formula Drift. Why? Besides being a whole series whose basis for racing is the a fast-moving burnout, one of our favorite racers, Vaughn Gittin Jr., is in many ways the “face” of Formula Drift.

The 2010 Formula Drift Champ and his Falken Tire Ford Mustang are featured predominantly in this teaser for the upcoming 2012 Formula Drift season.

We’re looking forward to seeing Gittin and his Mustang-driving teammates get back out on the track. While 2011 wasn’t a great year for Gittin, his teammate Justin Pawlak had a breakout year of his own, winning several contests and even making a run at the championship (but having to settle for a close second place.)

But 2012 is sure to shape up for Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the whole Falken Tire team. While we haven’t heard any word about whether Gittin will keep his current ride, or upgrade to a 2013 Mustang, the opening race of the 2012 Formula Drift season is less than a month away. Round 1: The Streets of Long Beach is scheduled for the 6th and 7th of April. It can’t come soon enough for us.