The Fox-body Mustang is an incredibly versatile and popular racing platform, due in large part to its light weight and abundance of aftermarket upgrades. Going beyond the standard 5.0L V8, racers have been known to drop everything from Chevy small-blocks to Chrysler HEMI’s under the hood of a Fox-body Mustang. Import guys have gotten into the action too, like the 4g63 turbocharged Mustang we came across last year.

While Toyota may not be the first company we think of when it comes to performance cars, the once-awesome Supra has left quite a mark on the racing scene with its excellent turbocharged inline-six engine. So it isn’t all that surprising to find that someone has taken the Supra’s turbo motor (called the 2JZ) and dropped it into a drag-racing Fox-body Mustang. Excessive Autosports are the madmen behind this beast.

We’re all about American muscle, but one must give credit where credit is due, and the Toyota 2JZ motor is simply an exceptional engine. This stock motor, with stock cams, cylinder head, and an upgraded turbo/fuel system, is capable of running niness in the quarter. Of course it helps that the Mustang itself has been gutted and packs a TH400 automatic transmission. Even through the slushbox though, this engine makes over 750 wheel horsepower. That’s impressive no matter what car brand you’re loyal to.

We love when Mustang guys think outside of the box, and while a 2JZ swap was undoubtedly complicated and expensive compared to a bolt-on 5.0, it is also undeniably awesome in a weird sort of way. What kooky, off-the-wall engine would you drop into a Fox-Mustang, given the chance?