There are accidents, and then there are just plain bad drivers. This 20-minute-long compilation brings you the best and the worst – from the racers who simply got a little bit overzealous in a corner entry or exit to the regular old Mustang owner who’s not always respectful of the power underneath the right foot of a modified Mustang. There are street races (which we do not condone under any circumstances) and dragstrip passes and just people who flat-out can’t drive.

It’s a shame to bring the mark of incompetency to Mustang drivers, but it’s videos like this that can make us all look bad. Car clubs, and the performance aftermarket in general, have an image problem with the general American public. Hot rodders are often seen as a menace to society, mainly because of behaviors like the ones exhibited throughout much of this video. High-horsepower cars are no joke, and drivers who get behind the wheel with limited experience can create havoc for the rest of us.

Some of the folks in the video were likely injured as a result of their actions, and while not all of the instances were preventable, many of them were. That being said, romping on the loud pedal in your favorite Pony has become a rite of passage for millions of American gearheads, and we hope that passion never dies – it’s what keeps all of us here at Power Automedia working for you! Now that our public safety message is complete, we can admit that we laughed throughout much of the video – at least someone had the presence of mind to keep the cameras rolling to catch all of this fail in person.