When it comes to dirt, sprint cars are not only one of the most popular powerhouses on the track, but they are also one of the fastest. But when a sprint owner has an idea and way too much time on his hands, the dirt car will quickly become a beast of a different nature. A few weeks ago, we brought you a story about a sprint car that became a street legal sensation. That same sprinter is back, but this time it’s back on the track.

The Southern California sprint car is in fact a combination of a few things…

  1. As our previous article stated, this sprint car is 100% street legal with head and tail lights, a license plate, and rearview mirrors.
  2. Although a little squirrly at first with a natural left turn instinct, this car has the capability to race down the quarter-mile drag strip in blistering time.
  3. With a few minor changes, including the removal of the transmission, this road-worthy sprint car will be found turning laps around Ventura, Ca.’s 1/5-mile dirt track.

As far as hybrid cars go, screw the Prius, This sprint car takes the cake!