It’s no secret that the Ford Mustang has fans all around the world. There are whole enterprises dedicated to importing the Mustang (among other muscle cars) to countries that don’t have access to them. One would think the a Mustang in a country like Finland would be treated more like a Ferrari than a Ford…but if this video is any indicator, you’d be wrong.

While we don’t know who the driver of this 1996 Ford Mustang GTS is, we do know that this video came from the Ruoveden Rallisprint from earlier this month. And this guy drives a Mustang pretty well off road.

If you’re looking for anything more than a Mustang powersliding on some dirt roads through the middle of a Finish forest, than keep moving. Because that is all this one minute 22 second video is. But in bright orange, with black steep wheels and “Euro” taillights, it makes for one hell of an entertaining sight.

It actually makes us wonder; why doesn’t Ford use the Mustang for more rally races? Sure, the Focus and Fiesta have proven themselves plenty capable, but we can’t be the only ones who find this muscle car flying through the woods entertaining. Make Mustang rally racing happen, Ford!