Common knowledge might say that there are some things that just can never be improved upon. Sex, for instance, and the wheel. Sure, there are different ways to do them, and there are more options available these days than ever before. But can you really make it better? While the answer is up for debate, it hasn’t stopped people from trying to improve just about everything.

So we’ve got to ask; does red tire smoke make a burnout better? We’d like to know your thoughts, after having stumbled upon this video that Mustang Evolution dug up on YouTube. It shows a red SN95 Mustang burning rubber and producing red smoke. How is this possible?

You can thank Kumho Tires and 1320 Video for this particular display of red rubber burning. The Mustang in this video has been outfitted with Kumho’s Ecsta SPT Color Smoke Tires. These high performance tires were designed to giving drifting a splash of color, and as we can all see, they work rather well. Red isn’t the only color offered either, as you can also choose from yellow or blue smoke. There are even scented tires that replace the pungent smell of burning rubber with lavender or other flower smells. Personally, we think burnt rubber is among the better smells associated with racing, but to each their own.

There are some drawbacks associated with these tires though, including a sticky substance that will stick to the inner fenderwells and rear suspension during an extended burnout. Driving in the rain will also wash away much of the coloring/scent agent. Long periods of storage will also result in a lack of color. These tires aren’t exactly new anymore, but we thought the sight of a red Mustang burning out with red smoke was too cool to not share with you all.