In addition to Jason Cantu’s devastating crash that we showed you yesterday, the Winter Meltdown at Edinburg Motorsports Park in Texas wasn’t kind of noted no-time and no-prep racer Ray Espericueta, either, as his small-tire Fox body Ford Mustang incurred some sizable damage in an accident during the event on Saturday night.


Espericueta, running in the right lane, powered into a bumper-dragging wheelstand right out of the gate, sending him drifting toward the centerline. Immediately upon returning to earth — likely unsettling the rear suspension that, combined with the lack of grip, was a dangerous formula — the car shot to the right and struck the guardrail virtually head-on. Fortunately, Espericueta was unhurt, other than his pride and pocketbook. According to a source close to the team, Espericueta had only recently completed reworking his suspension, making the front end damage incurred in the accident all the more frustrating, but with the no-time and no-prep events going on almost year-round, the team is wasting little time in making repairs, as the Mustang will head to the chassis shop this week to be redone and re-prepped for racing.

In the meantime, Espericueta will jump behind the wheel of the familiar nitrous-fed Chevrolet S-10 that he’s been racing frequently at events around the Southwest.

Video credit: NXGonzoVideo