There have been numerous videos just like this one from YouTube, that pit the modern pony cars from the Big-3 against one another all at the same time, but we still always find ourselves watching them anyway to see if our favorite car will come out on top this time. Luckily, this one is pretty well done, and makes for a good two and a half minutes of entertainment, produced by Ondrej Szabo Home Production.

Like any good video, we get introduced to the pony cars that are about to duke it out, and get the power stats that we are all pretty familiar with by now, in addition to some smoky burnout action. After a few shots of different Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger models doing some spirited back-road driving, we get down to business out on a wide open runway. They line up the V8 model of each car, the Camaro SS, Mustang GT 5.0, and the Challenger SRT-8, and let the heads-up drag race commence.

In stark contrast to the 3-way Big-3 Pony Car Drag Race videos from 2009, back when the Mustang GT still had a wheezy 300 horsepower V8, the new 5.0 shows both the Camaro and Challenger who’s boss right from the jump and never looks back. The Camaro SS puts up a good fight, but still loses by a car length. As for the Challenger – well, not much seems to have changed. It brings up the tail-end of the pack, nearly three car lengths behind the winning Mustang. Check out the video here.