When it comes to modifying your Mustang, the possibilities are almost endless with all of the aftermarket parts websites available and how-to tutorials on how to fabricate things yourself. It’s not often that any two cars look alike or perform identically. That’s the beauty of customizing. However, we must realize that not everyone is going to like your taste or style.

From aggressive off-road Mud-Stangs to crazy conversions, sometimes they are too over-the-top for the general Mustang-owning population, even factoring in the amount of work put in to such “monstrosities”. Check out this video of a “heavily” modified ROUSH 427R from MustangEvolution. Warning: This may be disturbing to some viewers.

Here is one guy that may have a few people shaking their heads. The Underground Rim King decided to take a Ford Mustang ROUSH 427R and slaughter the suspension and a bunch of other normal necessities for a daily driver so he can fit 28-inch spinning chrome wheels on this poor ROUSH. Of course they had to cut the wheel wells just so this beast can actually turn.

This $47,000 ROUSH 427R may now be chromed-out rolling piece of junk to most, but obviously rolling gold to these guys. There must be some “donk” car show somewhere where these Mustang may be appreciated, but hopefully it stays away from any American Muscle car shows. It might not get a welcoming or pleasant reaction from the regular car show guys and gals who think this is murder on wheels. This is one way to kill a ROUSH.

How much power did it lose trying to push those gigantic spinning wheels? What would Jack Roush think?