The announcement that the Need For Speed movie coming out early next year will star both Aaron Paul and the Shelby GT500 Mustang made big news in the car world. This combination of a television star, an iconic muscle car, and a long-running video game series has pop-culture dweebs like us shaking with anticipation.

nfs-chaseWe’re so happy for camera phones, as Deadline Detroit reports that the filming of a scene for the Need For Speed movie was captured on amateur video.

Set to debut in theaters next March, filming for the first official Need For Speed movie should be wrapping up soon. But office workers at Campus Martius, an office park in downtown Detroit, had their day (thankfully) interrupted by film crews shooting a scene for the Need For Speed movie. With filming in California and Atlanta already wrapped up, this is apparently one of the last pieces of the Need For Speed puzzle.

The video shows the Mustang, driven not by Paul himself but by a stunt driver, being “chased” around a centrally-located park with a film car close behind. We’re not sure how much of the footage will make it into the final cut, but it certainly looks like the crew is going for that authentic, “street racer” feel in the Need For Speed movie. And if they do that, we may finally have a car franchise to rival The Fast and the Furious.