It wasn’t that long ago when neon lights installed under your ride were the hottest thing on the block. Well, besides the rest of the other “neonized” cars around the neighborhood. The law always seemed to vary depending on the city or state that you happened to be driving through at the time. It was obvious that law enforcement colors such as red and blue were prohibited most everywhere and that white was mistaken for blue a lot of the time.

Well, that neon craze has come and gone, for most anyway. That doesn’t mean that all lighting is gone. There are now more tasteful ways to go about lighting up your ride. Not everyone will agree, as a lot of people think that such flashy lights only belong on imports or “ricers” and have no place on American Muscle. Before you totally toss out the idea of lighting up your S-197, check out this video of a new 5.0-liter with a little custom light treatment called Oracle ColorSHIFT by Advanced Automotive Concepts. It may just change your mind, especially if you’re able to control the colors and functions of your Oracle halo lights by the 2.0 remote.

If you could have your headlights, engine bay, foot wells, or anything imaginable inside of your ride tastefully change into different colors, it would draw more attention to your Mustang at any car show event, especially after dark falls. It wouldn’t be negative attention, as it seems to look pretty cool, yet tasteful and not overdone. The headlights are available on their website for S-197 Mustangs, 2005 and up.

What do you think about the LED lighting on this Mustang? Do you like it or leave it for the tuners?