The ROUSH Performance line of Mustangs offers great looks and performance in a variety of packages, ranging from the RS1 to the awesome RS3, with a few options available depending on the model. You’ve likely heard us talk about these cars before, but did you ever really understand what the different stages represent, or how to tell them apart? This brief and informative video posted by one of the staff members at Town and Country Ford in Alabama takes us through the basics of the three different ROUSH models.


Beginning with the RS1 or Stage 1, this is primarily a styling package. This package can be ordered on any Mustang GT trim level, including the Track Pack to add even more performance. ROUSH restyles the exterior of the car with different grilles, spoiler, rear fascia, and graphics. Inside there’s the ROUSH Stage 1 medallion, as well as the RS1 badge in the grille. ROUSH also serializes each of these cars with plagues riveted to the door jambs and under the hood.

The stage one can be had with standard Mustang GT wheels or optional ROUSH wheel options.A ROUSH short-throw shifter is also an option, as well as a ROUSH axle-back exhaust system.


The RS2 has all the equipment from the RS1 but features the ROUSH axle-back exhaust as standard. A vast range of handling improvements are what really set the RS2 apart from the RS1. This includes a new set of struts at all four corners, new springs for a slightly lower stance and better handling, and upgraded sway bars. ROUSH 18-inch wheels wearing sticky Cooper rubber are also standard, and these wheels can be upgraded with a variety of options. The RS2 is capable of up to 1G on the skidpad and will lighten your wallet for around $50,000 depending on the options buyers select.


We’ve extensively reviewed the RS3 in the past. The RS3 gets everything from the RS2, plus a ROUSHCharger supercharger under the hood upping the power to 575 hp. There’s also four different brake options, and over 250 color combinations for the optional exterior stripes. The RS3 also offers unique seating options.

Now you know your ROUSH’s so the next time someone asks what the difference is you’ll have an answer.