Budapest is one of the largest, and oldest cities in Europe, home to a thriving culture as the capital of Hungary and a vibrant car scene as well. That explains the massive turnout for a recent Ford expedition that saw international superstar Ken Block take to the stage to introduce one of the Blue Oval’s latest and greatest creations, the Ford Fiesta ST.

But Block did more than just stand around, looking pretty with the Fiesta ST. Nope, he convinced someone at Ford that the best way to demonstrate the Fiesta ST’s capability was a driving demonstration. On ice.

Block wasn’t alone though, as some locals on their crotch rockets decided to give the Fiesta ST a smokey introduction, which seemed to impress even the veteran Hoonigan. Fans from across Europe gathered to watch Block take a few lucky fans on the ride of their lives on Europe’s largest outdoor ice rink, the pride of Budapest. Later on, Block had some alone time on the rink.

Even in a bone stock Fiesta ST, Block is seen whipping his ride around the ice rink in an impressive fashion, kicking out the back end and gliding around corners with ease. Those lucky enough to ride shotgun have all manner of impressed and hilarious expressions on their faces as Block puts his Hoonigan skills to the test once again. Like smiling, fast and fun driving is a universal language.