While we’re not privy to the lifestyle of famous race car drivers, we can only assume that certain people are more at home at certain tracks than others. For Ken Block, his “home turf” is the 100 Acre Wood Rally in rural Pennsylvania. For five consecutive years, Block has taken home first place in this tree-laced race, and he returned this weekend to try and move it a sixth.

Spoiler alert: Block took home the gold yet again, beating his second closest competitor by almost 30 seconds. We’ve got two videos from Block’s bout in the woods for you to enjoy and get an idea of what this course looks like, and how Block has come to dominate it.

The first video is actually from a practice run prior to this weekend’s race. Block, who has yet to win a major WRC victory, has remained competitive in the American rally series in his Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (F.H.F.V.) This video features the typical Ken Block production values, including slow motion and clips that show just how close the car comes to clipping the winter foiliage.

The second video, from the first two Super Special stages of the actual race, is a much grittier look than the glam-video from his practice bout. Racing is a gritty sport, and while Block has now won the 100 Acre Wood rally an amazing six times in a row, that doesn’t mean it was easy, though the way Block drives, he sure makes it look easy.