Lately, a lot of talk in the automotive world has surrounded turbochargers. From aftermarket manufacturers to Ford itself, the turbocharger talk has raised a lot of eyebrows about the future of the Mustang. The latest question came from pictures of a Mustang mule that appeared to have been supercharged. We forget just how potent superchargers though, here is a video to remind us.

Mustangs Daily came across this short but sweet video of JPC Racing’s 802 horsepower 2011 Mustang 5.0.

JPC Racing has teamed up with DiabloSport to build a Mustang 5.0 drag car. Many of the 5.0 Mustang drag cars we’ve seen so far have been of the supercharged variety, but certainly not all of them.  JPC went with a Paxton, NOVI-series supercharger on the 5.0 liter V8 engine. As we already know, these engines are very susceptible to boost. JPC cranked the boost up to 12 psi and for good measure added a nitrous oxide system. The result was 802 horsepower, on an otherwise completely stock engine…though the sound of the engine at idle may suggest it does have aftermarket cams.


Of course any good drag car needs more than a powerful engine to be a real contender. An Eibach suspension, 4:56 gears, big Mickey Thompson slicks and full-length headers all contribute to the bottom line. If you figure in a 15% drivetrain loss though, this stock 5.0 engine is handling around 950 horsepower at the crank, an absolutely beastly number. That is one potent powerplant.