It would seem these days that everyone in the West Palm Beach, Fla. area has a late model Ford Mustang that they’ve managed to push into the tens and beyond. And the more the merrier we say, as it provides some much-needed entertainment (and some reporting material) during our long winter hibernation.

Recently, South Florida resident Joe “Coffee Man” Decaria got in on the action, powering his 2011 Ford Mustang GT to a quick 9.87 elapsed time at 139 miles per hour. Naturally, this feat wasn’t accomplished with an as-stock vehicle, but thanks to the impressive potential of the 5.0L off the showroom floor, it’s not too far off.

Decaria’s GT features a D1SC supercharger from ProCharger, traversing though a Boss intake manifold into the 5.0L Coyote mill. In addition, he’s outfitted the Mustang with a full aftermarket exhaust system, 3,600 RPM stall torque converter, and 3.55 rear gears. Producing 16 pounds of boost, the ProCharger D1SC delivered enough additional horsepower and torque to propel Decaria to a personal best and certainly one of the more impressive runs on the still relatively new 2011-12 Mustang combination.

Not content with just a 9.87 time slip, Decaria has already purchased and received an F1A ProCharger to replace the D1SC under the hood to make an all-out assault on the mid nines with this very much stock-looking GT.

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