Albeit the 2015-plus Shelby GT350 Mustang is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced Mustang to-date, it’s still an oil lubricated engine just like many of the cars on the road today. No doubt, the 5.2-liter flat-plane crank equipped VooDoo engine is one highly sophisticated mill for the Mustang; but like the Coyote engine it’s derived from, it too, suffers the same fate of having oil pass through the intake system, just like all modern engines. Obviously, this is an issue with all vehicles – but the amount of oil passing through is bad enough on naturally aspirated applications – even worse onforced induction ones.

JLT Oil Separator 3.0 Driver Side for the ’11-plus GT, BOSS 302, and Shelby GT350. PN 3011D.

The folks at JLT Performance decided to put its latest oil separator to the test on a Shelby GT350, equipped with a JLT cold air intake. After installing the new system, JLT totaled 165 miles, and even lapped the VooDoo-powered Mustang around Virginia International Speedway.

What they found after less than 200 miles running the GT350 hard, was nearly a quarter of the oil separator was filled with oil; which would have otherwise made its way into the induction system to be compressed. That concoction of air and oil lowers the level of octane in the vehicle’s fuel, which means less horsepower produced, and more problems than you’ll want. We think it’s painstakingly clear that the proof is in the oil-saturated pudding on this one.

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