One thing that can be said of most Mustangs from the 60’s is that they may run very well, but the brake tech of the 60’s left more than a little to be desired compared to today’s brake technology. That is exactly the case with the Boss 429 that Wilwood it doing a brake transplant in this video. The Boss 429 will fly with its high revving V8 engine, but once the car hits the high speeds on the track it is capable of, it needs some brake prowess to slow the down. Wilwood has put a how to video up on its website that walks you through what the installation of one of its big brake kits on a Boss 429 is like. The process would be much the same for upgrading any classic Mustang.

The kit includes just about everything you need for the install right down to the brake pads. The first step is to remove the wheel from the Boss and then remove the existing brake hub. Once that is done the factory spindles need to be cleaned. The Wilwood hubs can be assembled before you take the brakes off the car to start or after, whatever you feel like doing. The factory brakes come off the Boss 429 easily and the Wilwood spindles go on and off very easily as well.

The installation of the Wilwood big brake kit is not particularly difficult at all. The kit includes all the bolts you need, you only add some Loctite to keep things snug over the long haul. The Wilwood kit will look much better behind a set of open wheels than the factory brakes do to. This installation required no cutting or damage to any factory parts so you can always return to stock if you need to. Check out the video for all the steps.