Though the 2012 SEMA Show is over and done with, there are still so many videos, photos, and business cards to sort through that it’ll be a month before we’re really done with it all. We’re finding the influx of SEMA videos to be especially entertaining, as Ford’s motorsports park set up in the middle of SEMA proved a big hit with visitors from across the country.

Maxx Tuning Magazine host Helen Mei was among those who dared to get into a drift car driven by a fellow from the Miller Motorsports Park. This lovely lady looked quite nervous, but by the end of the ride, she was all smiles.

Her driver, Michael, seemed especially thrilled to have such a good-looking passenger riding shotgun with him. Helen, for her part, seemed a little…nervous. Ever the professional, Michael wasted no time launching his Mustang into a long sideways drift. With his work face on, he couldn’t see Helen cringing and cowering in fear…or so we thought at first.

As the timid, barely-dressed lady steps out of the Mustang, it seems like maybe she had a bad time. But then she struts over to the camera and talks about how much fun she had, and how she can’t wait to get back in line and go again. Now that is a lady who knows what she likes…and what she likes is drifting sideways riding shotgun in a powerful Mustang. That’s our kind of lady.