What started as a simple viral video has become a worldwide phenomenon known as Gymkhana. While Ken Block did not invent the term, or the sport, he has become its biggest proponent. Besides garnering tens of millions of views on YouTube and catapulting Block to international stardom, Gymkhana is now a taking the action to the streets with the Gymkhana World Tour.

Block and crew recently embarked on a three-stop tour all around the world, visiting Vienna, Austria, Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles, California to showcase his mad hooning skills. And just today he released a video highlighting the best moments from these three stops.

The action kicks off in Vienna, with block surrounded by buxom Bavarian beauties and crowds of mulch-lingual fans. Block is joined by a crew of motocross daredevils, and performs some crowd favorite tricks, including drifting around a mobile Segway scooter.

From there Block moves on to Los Angeles, in the good ol’ U.S.A. The American babes come out in force to support Block’s efforts as well, before he moves on to Melbourne. In the Land Down Under Block was joined by some Aussie Hoonigans and their V8 supercars, putting on one helluva show.

At the end of the video, Block even mentions that there might be more stops on Gymkhana World Tour 2012. We sure hope the King of Hoonigans makes a stop in our neck of the woods next year.