Human beings are impossibly creative creatures, especially when it comes to different forms of auto racing. If it has wheels and an engine, you can bet there is a racing series for it. One form of motorsport that has found a huge following both here and abroad is drifting, where drivers “battle” each other on race tracks by getting sideways and creating huge smoke shows.

American muscle cars have become especially adept at this form of racing, and as this next video shows, the Ford Mustang can go toe-to-toe with the great grandaddy of drift cars, the Nissan 240sx.

The premise of a drift battle is simple; two contenders enter the track for two rounds of drifting, one leading the other the first battle before switching. The objective is for the tail car is to “mirror” the opponent ahead of him, attempting to get the best angles, create the most smoke, and put on the best show for the judges.

While some people claim the Japanese invented drifting, you only have to watch any video from an old NASCAR race on Daytona Beach to know that’s not true. Still, the Japanese have popularized getting sideways as a sport, and their main weapon of choice is the Nissan 240sx. America, meanwhile, has found success with the Ford Mustang driven by the likes of Vaughn Gittin Jr. This is not Gittin’s Mustang, but rather in all likelihood some privateer trying to make a name for himself.

And at least from what little of this battle we saw, it looks like the Mustang got the better end of the deal, don’t you agree?