Running a racing team is a full-time family affair for many people. That is why we have great racing dynasties like the Earnhardt’s, the Pettys, and the Forces. This family dynamic extends from the most elite drivers all the way down to the weekend hobbyists, and so it was this past weekend that an Australian father, Andrew Miedecke, found himself handing over the keys to his beloved Ford Capri race car.

We can’t imagine the horror that must have been racing through his mind when he saw his son, George, drive his V8-powered Ford Capri off of a cliff road during the annual Targa Wrest Point. Luckily, George was OK. The Capri? Not so much.

Father Andrew is a veteran Australian racer, though his son George is considered one of the nation’s rising racing stars. At 24 years old George has just signed a deal to join the V8 Supercar development series this year. The Mercury reports that his father gave him just two instructions; don’t come in second, and don’t crash.

Apparently George missed the second part, because right as the video starts we saw his V8 Capri skidding towards a cliff after taking a turn too fast. The Capri ends up in the drink with a large splash, though it was lucky enough to land wheels down in the shallows. It isn’t the only car down there either, but we doubt that made pops feel any better when he heard what happened.