The 1980’s and 1990’s was something of a golden age for children’s toys, and perhaps the best toy any kid could wish for was a Power Wheels. This little electric go-karts were neither fast nor sounded like their automotive counterparts, but have been made available in over 100 varieties of vehicles, including lately the Ford Mustang.

But no Ford Mustang toy should be slow, and a few children-at-heart decided to rectify this mistake by attaching a 110 cc pit bike engine to a custom rearend and chassis. Mustang Evolution came across this video of a whole posse of gas-powered Power Wheel Riders.

Actually, these videos come from two years ago, but they are proof that being a grown-up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having fun or cool toys. The first video shows a grown man drifting a Mustang through the snow and it looks like so much fun we’re tempted to go out and buy a Power Wheels Mustang just to do our own conversion. While a 110 cc (0.11 liter) engine may not sound like a lot of power to play with, consider that a stock Power Wheels has a top speed of a brisk walk. Then there is the rest of the Power Wheels Posse, including a pink Barbie Jeep Wrangler.

Since these toy cars are made from plastic, and not metal, they are crazy light. So even with a paltry four and-a-half horsepower, this little plastic car has a lot of cornering power. If drifting isn’t your thing, how about a drag race between a “stock” Power Wheels Mustang, and this gas-powered one. No surprise who wins here. We don’t know why we never thought of this before, but anybody else want to hop on eBay and try to do one of these conversions? It is a hell of a lot cheaper than modifying a real Mustang. Just sayin’.