Even though it was a mild winter in most parts of the country, the spring season is still always a welcome sight for those of us living north of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s a time to pull the covers off of our classic cars and performance cars, roll them out the garage, and take them for a cruise. Parts companies and speed shops across the country are holding weekend cruise-in’s to give drivers a destination.

Among these shops is CJ Pony Parts who, despite inclement weather, still managed to draw over 30 Mustangs to their shop for the annual spring cruise.

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, many of CJ Pony Part’s closest customers no doubt had to deal with regular snowfall and cold temperatures this winter. So they set up a spring cruise to give fellow Mustang drivers a place to congregate and hang out. Alas, poor weather this past weekend meant many Mustang drivers stayed home…but they still managed to draw a crowd of over 30 cars to check out the open house and go for a cruise.

While there were naturally a lot of late-model Mustangs in the mix, plenty of Fox-bodies and first-gens also made the trip. There was even a SVT Raptor in attendance, helping hit the big truck quota required of any domestic car cruise. Check out the video and see if you can spot any familiar Mustangs among the crowd.