Videos are all the rage these days. The ease of access to high speed internet connections from even the palm of your hand make streaming the latest news, or even speed parts installation information just a click or swipe away.

Putting together a quality video though is something that’s time consuming and often isn’t without it’s own issues. It’s easy to sit behind your monitor and think that you could make a better video, but when the cameras are rolling even the simplest phrases that you say every day can become a challenge.

This week CJ Pony Parts released a bloopers reel. We’re accustomed to seeing Bill from CJPP bring us some of the company’s latest parts, and smoothly execute installs. This video proves though, that Bill, just like the rest of us, is only human.

Stumbling over words, forgetting lines, or saying the wrong lines are just a few of the common mistakes often causing a retake in the world of video production. The video also shows that in spite of the fact that the videos often make installation look simple and painless, things don’t always go exactly as they should.

If you’ve ever experienced the trials and tribulations of modifying your own Mustang, or you’re familiar with the woes that often plague video production, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. It’s also a good diversion from what are often serious topics that are covered in these productions. We enjoyed this one, and hope that you will too.