Once upon a time the thought of turbocharging a Ford Mustang must have seemed laughable, and the idea of a 1,000 horsepower street car impossible. These days turbo kits for Mustangs are everywhere, and anybody can own a 1,000 horsepower street car provided they have the knowledge and/or skills. The thing is, we never get bored of seeing these street cars tearing up the track or the dyno.

That is why we are happy to bring you this video of the infamous “Wolverine” Mustang built by Central Florida Turbo. Though this Mustang has been around the block more than once, this video from the recent Real Street Performance Dyno Day shows that it still has what it takes to wow the crowd and make big power.

How much power? Well this ‘95 Mustang Cobra originally came with a 5.0 V8, rather than the modern mod motors. So rather than replace the 5.0, they added a stroker kit from Dart to the tune of 331 cubic-inches. Along with performance heads, camshaft, and intake and a CFT S380R turbo kit, “Wolverine” was able to put a maximum of 1,055 horsepower down to the wheels. Figure a 20% drivetrain lose, and you’re talking about a 1,300 horsepower engine here. It makes so much power that it was spinning loose on the dyno, delivering a first run of just 609 horsepower.

So they threw some big guys in the trunk and wound up finding an extra 450-ish horsepower. It’s nice to see the early New Edge SN95 Mustangs getting some performance love, especially the orphaned 1994-95 models. And if you’re from the Florida area, keep your eyes peeling for this plain-looking Mustang Cobra, because it might just pack a 1,055 horsepower punch!