The eternal fight between Camaro and Mustang is as ever-present as the battle between good and evil (we’ll let you decide who’s good and who is evil on this one). So it comes to no surprise when a pair of opposing pony cars line up at a stoplight that there might be non-sanctioned shenanigans. Unfortunately, timing is key to these impromptu showdowns and conducting one on a busy thoroughfare during a sunny afternoon might not be the best choice.

These knuckleheads in a ’98 Camaro take on a SN-95 “New Edge” ‘Stang on a busy street completely oblivious to the commuting cross traffic. As the Mustang pulls ahead of the Camaro, an unassuming tan sedan pulls out and is immediately hit by the speeding Mustang who feebly attempted to swerve. The Camaro collides with the Mustang, blackening out the camera. But stay tuned as there are plenty of aftermath images.

In the Camaro owner’s own words, he explains what happened, “My day took an unexpected turn when a driver pulled out in front of me at a traffic light shortly after a “race.” All three vehicles involved were totaled. Fortunately, thank God, nobody was killed. The only people that were seriously hurt were in the Mustang. Because of this accident, I ended up being sentenced to 120 days in jail, two years of probation, and 100 hours of community service. The driver of the Mustang was sentenced to six months of prison among other things. I do not recommend illegal street racing to anyone. It is highly dangerous. My life has been affected by this since it happened, which has been almost three years now. You could be the best driver in the world, but you never know what the other person is going to do.”