The British Isles are known for their bad weather, bland food, and self-depreciating humor. They’ve also dabbled in making some extraordinary and some truly awful cars, though nothing that could compare to the brutally powerful American muscle cars of old. While the Mustang isn’t sold in Europe yet, some well-heeled Brits can afford to import genuine American muscle, though apparently that does not include the skills to drive these powerhouses as well.

According to Jalopnik, this video comes from the Big Breakfast Meet in Malton, England, which is a gathering of gearheads. As you might expect, the hangers-on gathered to watch the assembled automobiles leave the meet in a fast, fun fashion. This video shows what happens when an inexperienced Mustang driver makes a fool of himself in front of the gathered crowd. The driver of this S197 Mustang apparently couldn’t handle his car. He left the meet, stomped the gas, and then about a hundred feet later he crashed into a few trees, just past a police car. Well done chap, well done.

The assembled masses quickly swarmed the car, camera phones in hand to survey the damage. Near as we can tell, nobody was injured, save the driver’s pride and Mustang. It’s a cringe-inducing video, especially because Mustangs are so few and few between in the Old World. That will be one expensive mistake to remedy; maybe the Mustang owner’s next investment should be driving lessons.