Driving a Ford Mustang in any country other than America (or Canada) makes you part of a very exclusive club. Ford doesn’t sell the Mustang in many other countries, so getting your hands on a real Mustang, even a V6 model, can make you quite the popular person at local car meets. That said, all that attention can backfire should you make a fool of yourself, like the poor sod starring in our next video.

At a local gathering of British car enthusiasts, one particular fellow decided what the crowd needed was a burnout. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite sure how to do one, and as a result ended up toasting his clutch in front of everyone. At least he got the attention he so desperately sought.

Taking place at “Wheels Day”, this video comes on the heels of another British Mustang mishap that resulted in an accident, rather than just a blown clutch. Still, it is obvious that inexperience was the culprit here as well. The Mustang whined and roared as the driver twice tried (and failed) to deliver a decent burnout.

As anyone who knows cars is aware if you ride the clutch, you’re going to burn it out in a hurry. With 300 horsepower, it doesn’t take much to blow up a clutch, especially one already well worn out. As the Mustang drove away, the inexperienced driver apparently decided to give the burnout one more go. That attempt was met with a BOOM followed by, tinktinktinktink goes the clutch, scattering bits and pieces all over the road. To add insult to injury, nearly 75,000 people have watched this video so far.

If that isn’t good incentive to learn how to do a proper burnout, we don’t know what is.