When it comes time to hop up your pony, few things get the enthusiast’s heart racing as much as the thought of a supercharger. Edelbrock made a name in the blower business for itself when they trotted out their supercharger for the 4.6L Mustangs. Edelbrock is now back at it with its latest blower, the #1588 kit for the 2011 and 2012 Mustang GTs. We have talked about this kit before back in February 2011 when the blower first debuted.

I think all enthusiasts know when it comes to forced induction and longevity with your Mustang, the devil is in the tuning details. One of the best firms out there for tuning Mustangs is Brenspeed. The gang at Brenspeed took the #1588 supercharger kit and set up some of their famous packages to give you all you need for specific power levels from the blower itself down to the tune and tuner. Brenspeed says that it will be offering these kits in several stages when they are finally available on Brenspeed.com.

To tease us a bit the boys at Brenspeed put a new 2012 Mustang GT with an automatic transmission under the wrenches and bolted the blower and the strapped the Stang and its new found power to the dyno rollers to see what the car put down. Brenspeed knows that enthusiast demands more than claims so they were kind enough to video the dyno session for us. You can see the video yourself below. The car on the dyno only had Pype Bomb mufflers and was otherwise stock. The stock pull on the dyno put down 355 WHP and 357 tq.

The blower went on at 5psi and the beast awoke. The stock Edelbrock calibration put down 463 WHP and 419 tq to the wheels. You know with the tuning prowess Brenspeed has in house the stock Edelbrock tune wasn’t going to stay. With Brenspeed’s own custom tune, the car put down 492 WHP and 430 tq. As they say in TV land - but wait, there’s more! The competition cold air kit was installed along with another Brenspeed tune and the power jumped again to 509 WHP and 441 tq. Those are some impressive gains all on 5psi and you know Brenspeed will probably have kits that give even more power.