The Bass770 has all of the Mustang’s styling cues, old but new.

What happens when you take an American musclecar icon, give it James Bond’s personality and modernize its performance? You get the Bass770 a modern American musclecar built by Equus.

The Bass770 may look like a custom 1960’s Mustang, however, it’s actually an original car. Equus designed and built the car as a tribute to the classic Mustangs of the 60’s. This isn’t a normal 60’s style musclecar as the 770 boasts both luxury and performance.

To show off the car’s capabilities, Equus has recently released a promo movie on YouTube. The video is shot in the style of a 1960’s movie, similar to Bullit and the 007 films. It opens with a cop pulling over a black Bass770 with a well dressed couple sitting inside. The cop asks the driver to pop the trunk, he takes a look and arrests the driver. The cop then shuts the hood, hops in the car and speeds off with the hot girl, Steve McQueen style.

We then get treated to the Bass 770 in action. We see it roasting it’s tires, flying down the barren streets of Detroit, making tire screeching turns, drifting and power sliding into an airport. Here the cop boards a plane but the hot girl takes the 770 for herself and speeds off into the distance.

The 770 is able to perform as shown thanks to it’s well engineered construction. This construction features a handcrafted all aluminum chassis that offers suburb handling. The body is light made of aluminum with touches of carbon fiber.

Under the hood sits an aluminum 6.2L LS9 V-8 which produces 640 hp and 605 lb-ft of torque. This power lets the 770 achieve 0-60 in 3.4s and reach speeds over 200 MPH. It’s able to achieve the sports car handling shown thanks to its magnetic selective ride control, active handling system and performance traction management system. This is the car McQueen wished he had in Bullit, sans the GM mill, of course.

Unlike the musclecars of the 1960s, which were designed to be affordable. The Bass 770 is designed to be the exotic of the musclecar world. With a hefty price tag of $250,000, it seems that Equus plans on marketing this car to Ferrari and Lamborghini owners. Would you be willing to pay a quarter million for a custom built Mustang like this?

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