Touring Car racing is a popular past time for those with the means and ability to outfit and drive classic cars to their absolute limit. This type of racing is reminiscent of the days of yore, when men were men and muscle cars were V8 brutes sucking down gas as fast as you could pour it down the carburetor. Of course back then buying a replacement racer wouldn’t cost much more than $50 and a case of beer. These days a big accident means another irreplaceable piece of history is no more.

We can’t help but cringe at this video from the 2011 Bathurst Touring Car Masters race down in Australia, where a slight tap from another competitor sent a ‘68 Mustang careening into a wall at high speed. And no, that will not buff out.

The Mustang belongs to one Andrew Whiteside, who appears to be a regular competitor at the Touring Car Masters racing league. This racing series pits all kinds of classic American and Australian muscle cars against each other, and its one of the few racing leagues where you’ll see Mustangs and Chargers rubbing up against Aussie Falcons and Commodores. It’s high-speed, high-octane action, and like any racing series, carries with it the risk of disaster.

Whilst coming up on a high corner, Whiteside moved towards the inside to try and pass. But as a yellow Charger merged back on to the track after being forced into the grass, the Charger clipped Whiteside’s Mustang, sending him straight into the closest wall at high speed. It doesn’t even look like he had a chance to stomp the brakes, and the resulting accident bent up the driver’s side fender almost back to the windshield. That Mustang is all done, though Whiteside himself was fine. A most spectacular crash though, don’t you agree?