Now released for ordering, the Agent 47 Harbinger is built specifically for serious track duty or ultra high performance street use. Limited production of 250 serialized chassis, this vehicle has both the ominous looks of a street fighter and the hardware to back it up.

Additional information is available at the Agent 47 web site.

The Agent 47 Harbinger can be built using a brand new Dynacorn repro body or a existing ’69 or ’70 Mustang donor car. In the hands of Agent 47, the car is transformed starting with a race spec, low visual obstruction design, 12 point roll cage of DOM steel. The front end of the chassis is upgraded with a race-proven double A-arm suspension, while the back end is treated to a Bill Osborne-designed, ultra-stable V-link rear suspension.

Penske adjustable racing shocks with optional weight jacks reside at all four corners, help keep the tires on the road, while the Speedway Engineering 9-inch full floating rear axle gets the power there. A ducted, low drag and lift hood, engineered and crafted by Agent 47 provides a direct flow cooling path for the radiator.

AP Racing provides the brake hardware, including master cylinders, for the rolling chassis which is expected to weight in at just under 2000 pounds, including the roll cage and chassis bracing. Specially designed, light weight Forgeline wheels are used for unsprung weight reduction and improved handling. Inside you’ll find a pair of vintage, Recaro-styled racing seats in a minimalist, but fully functional cockpit. The company is currently developing a paddle shifter head for the T-56 Magnum transmission.

In the video below, their prototype Harbinger has been fitted with a stroked, 402-cid DART-based engine that puts out almost 700 flywheel HP. With the T-56 Magnum installed, they anticipate a total weight around 2800 pounds.