Why do we love muscle cars? Is it the horsepower? Sure. The sound? Absolutely? And the ability to do wicked donuts and burnouts? You betcha! In fact, doing donuts and burnouts is something of a right of passage for an up-and-coming gearhead, and while the premise seems simple, pulling off the perfect donut and/or burnout takes practice…and a lot of open space.

While surfing YouTube yesterday, we came across two recent additions to the catalog of Fail. One is a Mustang driver doing donuts in the middle of the road. The other is a young man attempting his first burnout. And in case you’re wondering, neither one goes as planned.

Let’s start off with the best foot forward. This brief video shows the driver of a Fox-body 5.0 Mustang tearing up his local street doing some donuts. The guy really seems to be getting into it, wilding out across the street and blowing smoke as his friend videotapes the incident nearby. Aside from being in the middle of a public street, the donuts seem to be going off without a hitch…until the final few seconds, where we hear that distinctive “Whoop whoop” of a nearby police car. BUSTED.


The second video is short and sweet and also stars a Fox-body 5.0 Mustang. Judging by the juvenile voices and general lack of good judgement, these kids are probably in high school, and attempting the old tradition of a good old fashioned burnout. Unfortunately nobody ever told these kids not to try and do a burnout into a fence. The video quality is crap, but you don’t need binoculars to see how this burnout attempt ends.

There you have it, a fresh, steaming pile of Mustang fail, though we’re sure you’ve seen worse, so share with us your own personal stories of failed burnouts, donuts, and general hoonage.