In 2005, Ford brought back an icon, the GT40. Only this time they called it simply the Ford GT, strapping its 5.4 liter V8 with a supercharger to produce over 500 horsepower. With a price tag of $150,000, it was the most expensive Ford ever sold. Naturally, its elite clientele wanted more power from their supercars, and many of them turned to bigger superchargers, twin turbos, or even nitrous for that power boost.

But never have we seen a Ford GT like this one in this video. This Ford GT “1100” packs two turbochargers, a supercharger, AND nitrous for its racing runs. On the dyno, it sounds like the end of the world…and that’s a good thing.

This video comes to us from the Texas Mile, an annual event where racers from all over the country go to drive as fast as they can. This brings out the biggest and best cars, among them plenty of Ford GT owners who have modified their supercars to produce more power.

This particular piece was built by Hennessey (note the badge on the back end) and on the dyno it put down 1,168 horsepower at the wheels. At the wheels! Wearing a “MULLET” license place, there is nothing redneck about this Ford GT. This is madness in automotive form friends, and we absolutely love it. The Mullet GT is a regular patron at the Texas Mile, and last year it made a run at over 223 mph, though we can’t find any videotaped runs from last weekend’s event. Any guesses what the Mullet GT did in this year’s Texas Mile?