It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. At least that’s what some of our mothers used to tell us when we were acting reckless as a child. As much as we used to blow off the warning back in the day, that notion seems to have held true at the Touring Car Masters Bathurst race in Australia last week for one Mustang driver. Check out the incredible crash footage below thanks to .

Entering the race at Mount Panorama, Andrew Whiteside and his ‘68 Tilley Automotive Mustang Trans Am sat third in points in Class B. With consistent results throughout the 2011 race season, the class win was well within his reach until fate stepped in. Going into Murray’s Corner on lap six, George Nittis in his #83 ‘71 Ford XY Falcon GT cut to the inside of Mick Wilson in his #43 ‘72 Valiant Charger, going off the track a bit.

When Nittis returned to the course, Wilson went wide to the outside of the curve, getting off course, to avoid him just as Whiteside made his move to pass the two. As Wilson returned to the track, he tagged Whiteside’s rear quarter, sending him into the tire wall at a fast rate of speed.

Bouncing into the wall and back to the center of the track, Whiteside’s Mustang sustained serious front and drivers side damage. Although the impact was substantial, Whiteside was cleared from Bathurst Hospital with just a cracked shoulder blade and bruised ribs. The race was called after the crash, giving Glenn Seton the race win.

While Whiteside is resting at home, lucky to be in such good shape considering the circumstances, his Mustang is not as fortunate. We don’t know what will become of the car, but based on how much damage it sustained, we’re guessing it’ll be put to rest for good. Despite the loss of the Mustang, we’re thankful that Whiteside is ok and wish him a fast recovery.