Just when you think you have seen it all, then YouTube will delight you with some of the most unique cars in the country. At Lights Out 8 in Georgia, the guys over at 1320 Video caught up with the driver of a 1962 Mercury Comet that features elements of rat-rod styling.

Based on the interior and exterior of the car, the owner placed emphasis on performance and functionality over beauty, although, there is beauty in the ingenuity and power that is found in this maniacal Mercury. During the interview, driver states that owner is a friend of his father, and that he has owned the car for approximately 12 years.

Photo Credit: 1320 Video

According to information available, the car is original for the most part, with the exception of some performance and safety upgrades. One of the more unique features of the car aside from the hand-drawn emblems and decals, is the rear wing that was created with repurposed materials from a job.

While working on a barn, the car owner opted to keep the old tin-style roof to build a rear wing from; the patina on this material makes it a great visual fit for the Mercury. Thanks to the 429-inch big-block Ford, the Mercury ran a best of 6.11 at 115 MPH on a foot break at 2,000 RPM in Tennessee.

Despite the well-worn look outside, the inside is pure drag car. A pair of seats, roll cage, and ratchet shifter prove that this vintage machine means business on the track.