Back in 1968, the Mustang had its back against the proverbial wall. Sure, it was the best-selling pony car on the market, but when it came to racing, the Mustang lacked the oomph of big-block Camaros and Hemi Chryslers. Ford responded by building a limited number of Cobra Jet Mustangs equipped with the 428 engine, turning this pony car into a turn-key racer. The Cobra Jet disappeared along with many muscle cars until 2008, when Ford brought it back.

This video found by Mustangs Daily shows a 2010 Cobra Jet dishing out the humble pie at the drag strip, running two mid-8 second runs down the ¼ mile without breaking a sweat. Ain’t technology great?

Back when the Mustang Cobra Jet first debuted in 1968, it came with heavy-duty shock towers, an optional 4:10 Equa-Loc rearend, and the famous 427 engine’s intake manifold. Rated at 335 horsepower, the original Cobra Jet easily made over 400 horsepower and ran mid-11’s at 120 mph right out of the factory. It was enough to give the Mustang a leg up on the competition, and in 2008 Ford brought the Cobra Jet back, again underrated at 400 horsepower.

2010 brought a newer, fresher version of the Cobra Jet, with a supercharged 5.4 liter V8, new transmission, and a new look. Lately details regarding the 2012 model have also been making rounds and it has brought some improvements as well. However, until those cars get up and running, what we have here is a video of not one, but two new records set by the latest Mustang Cobra Jet. The first run came in at 8.52 seconds at 156 mph, and the second run was an even faster 8.47 at a blistering 159 mph. Don’t blink or you might miss this monster Mustang.