We all love big horsepower automobiles, no matter what form they take. Lucky for us our favorite car, the Ford Mustang, just happens to be an American performance icon. That means that there are no limits when it comes to “over the top” or “too much horsepower.” In fact, if you type “Mustang on dyno” into YouTube, you’ll get literally tens of thousands of results.

Yet there are still videos that stand out from the rest. This particular video, featuring a 1,500+horsepower Mustang Cobra, was found by Mustang Evolution and really sends a shiver down our spine for all the right reasons.

As most of us know, 2004 was the last year for the SN95 Mustangs and the “New Edge” design. Ford went out on top though, having crushed the competition and delivering a supercharged Cobra “Terminator” that could easily make 500 horsepower with just a few basic mods. But is 500 horsepower enough? Of course not. So Excessive Auto Sports of Sioux Falls, South Dakota replaced the supercharger with twin turbochargers and turned the boost all the way up to insane.

With twin 82mm turbos and a host of other upgrades, this Mustang monster puts 1,536 horsepower down to the wheels. That’s enough power for an easy 7-second quarter-mile run, and enough power to get us all hot and bothered. Also this Mustang may even be street legal by the looks of it. At the very least, this Sonic Blue Cobra is fast and badass.