The relationship between automakers and car dealers isn’t necessarily what you might expect. These middle men, who actually buy the cars from the automakers, are then tasked with moving their inventory from the lot. This often leads to special sales events and wacky commercials designed to draw you into the showroom. And while most of these commercials are on the low-end of production values…sometimes a real gem slips through.

Whether or not this commercial from Illinois’s largest Ford dealer is a gem is up to you to decide. But the production values are way above what we are used to seeing from car dealerships.

Called “Devil Possessed,” this commercial comes from Golf Mill Ford, and starts with “In a world of pretty nice and polite vehicles…” The ominous voice certainly sets the tone for this video, which features lots of snazzy shots of Mustangs doing burnouts and whatnot. Then things start to get a little…weird.

A few demon-possessed Mustangs, you say? Doesn’t sound so bad. But then there is the crucifix superimposed over images of the demon cars, mixed with screeching tires and holy “ahh ahh ahhh ahhh” singing. It’s all a little bit bizzare, to be honest…but it certainly is unique. As far as car dealership commercials go, this one certainly is a notch above a bulk of them in terms of sheer video quality. But did it convince you to buy a brand new Mustang?