Every record comes with some stipulations, and top speed records are no different. As it stands, there are numerous organizations, classes, and judging criteria for records like the world’s fastest standing mile. Recently though the Guinness Book of World Records and newly formed International Mile Racing Association teamed up to set a single standard for teams everywhere to compete. And so out came the crazy people with their stupid-fast cars.

Yet it would fall to Power Performance Racing and their twin turbocharged Ford GT to set the new standard in this racing category, reaching a top speed of 223 mph in the standing mile…even though this Ford GT has gone way, way faster than only 223 mph. Jalopnik has the exclusive story and accompanying video.

The standing mile is exactly what it sounds like; a race from a stand still to your top speed in the span of just a mile. Last year the PPR Ford GT unofficially went over 252 mph in the standing mile, but Guinness wasn’t on hand to make it official. So PPR was back with the same Ford GT, but even more modified. Aside from the two turbochargers cranking out over 1,400 horsepower, this Ford GT features a specially modified (but still street legal) suspension setup that keeps the car hugging the ground, lest it take off for the stratosphere.

Another technique included the use of “PerformaBond” which is a sealant designed to improve aerodynamics, which as you might imagine are very important when you are going ridiculously fast. Yet this year’s record, which took place on NASA’s 3-mile space shuttle landing strip, managed to go only a paltry 223 mph. Johnny Bohmer thinks that by the end of 2011, he’ll have gone 300 mph in the twin turbo Ford GT. But will he do it in just a mile?