The Shelby GT 350H holds a special spot in the annals of American muscle car lore. Built by Shelby and sold to Hertz rental fleets, these weekend warriors were beaten, flogged, and stripped bare by amateur racers who were in the know. As a result, these rare rental Shelbys are few and far between these days, as most of them didn’t survive the intervening decades, and most of those that did have undergone numerous restorations to get them right once more.

So this ‘66 Shelby GT350H found by Hemmings Auto Blog is a relative rarity, having maintained its original drivetrain and suffering little wear or tear since it hit the streets over 45 years ago.

So many of these Hertz Shelbys were wrecked, ruined, or otherwise had their guts torn out and swapped into other rides…and nobody really cared. They were just rental cars, after all. But decades later, people with fond memories of these weekend warriors will pay top dollar for one of the few un-restored and pristine vehicles still out there.

This original Hertz Shelby sports its original drivetrain but a fresh restoration.

This particular Shelby GT 350H, which has an asking price of $149,995, has maintained its original drivetrain including the 289 V8 and 4-speed manual transmission. The rear end sports a 3:89 posi-traction differential, it still wears its Hertz chrome-magnesium wheels, and it comes with all the official documentation to make it worth every penny of the asking price. It’s been fully restored, but given the authenticity of everything on it – and we’d say that only enhances the value.