Picture: Beaverton Police Department

It takes a lot of balls to steal a car, especially these days. Once, all you needed was a knife and a screw driver to bust into a car and hotwire it, but these days thanks to complicated ignition systems and robust security alarms, stealing a car is a lot of work. Which is good for all us honest types, and not so good for thieves. So whats a car jacker to do?

Well, you could always bust into the local car dealership, steal a whole bunch of keys, and then drive off in the fastest, most expensive car on the lot. That’s what Beaverton police accuse Robert L. Bourne of doing yesterday morning, according to KOIN Local 6. And he almost got away with it, except for one minor detail. He forgot to put plates on his car.

According to the Beaverton Police Department, a manager at Damerow Ford reported that there had been a break-in, and the thief had made off in a $58,000 white 2012 Shelby GT500 with the keys to over 200 cars. Unbeknownst to the manager, Beaverton police had already pulled over Robert Bourne for speeding and no license plates in a white 2012 Shelby GT500 around 5am. Bourne allegedly tried to flee on foot, but was quickly caught.

The police department reports that the 200+ keys each had microchips in them, and would have cost over $100,000 to have replaced on each car (as each car would need a new key, ignition, truck, and door locks.) Why Bourne would try to flee on foot, when he was (allegedly) driving a 550 horsepower Shelby is anybody’s guess, but let’s be thankful he didn’t try to get away…because with that much horsepower, he just might have.