MSD Ignition’s Atomic EFI kit created some serious buzz at last year’s SEMA show, especially among the vintage muscle car fans. One of the biggest selling points of the new MSD EFI system was in the simplicity of installation while gaining the latest in electronic fuel injection technology.

Ramping up for the demand took a couple of months but now MSD Ignition is announcing that the Atomic EFI kits are shipping to speedshops and dealers across the nation from the MSD facility in El Paso, Texas.

While the demand has already been tremendous, MSD is kicking the enchantment up a notch by offering a free MSD 6A ignition with the purchase of the Atomic EFI system for enthusiasts purchasing the EFI system between January 1st and March 31st.

Anyone thinking about upgrading their ignition system or fuel delivery will certainly want to take advantage of the offer and upgrade both systems at the same time.

According to the folks at MSD Ignition, the goal behind the development of the Atomic EFI system was to design a worry free system to replace carburetors with modern fuel injection technology and that was easy enough to install and setup in less than a weekend.

From what we have seen and heard, the Atomic EFI system hit the target goal dead center with users commenting on the ease of installing and the “fire and forget” style of tuning that the self-learning system incorporates.

MSD's Atomic EFI throttle body has a clean, sleek look with all the modern technology in an easy to install kit. (Photo from MSD Ignition)

Additional comments about the Atomic EFI system ranged from the classic design of the wet flow fuel injection system to the simple addition of two external sensors and minimal wiring involved in installation.

We can agree that if tuning carburetors, routine maintenance like cleaning fuel bowls and jets or if a slightly to rough running engine is not your thing… then the Atomic EFI will eliminate those issues and you’ll probably want to take off your carb, put on the Atomic and enjoy your ride.

Features of the Atomic EFI System:

  • Internal fuel rail. MSD designed the fuel rail as an integral part of the throttle body assembly for sleek appearance and a single fuel line connection.
  • Annular rings for fuel delivery. This setup allows for optimized atomization of fuel which results in a great air/fuel mixture to each cylinder.
  • Standard mounting. The Atomic EFI throttle body is a direct bolt on replacement for square bore carbs and accepts the same linkage as most of the standard carburetors.
  • Throttle Body inlet blades are 1.75″ diameter and ride on roller bearings for smooth pedal transition.
  • Internal ECU. The Atomic’s ECU is designed as an integral part of the throttle body, reducing wiring. The TPS, MAP, IAT and fuel pressure sensors are incorporated in the ECU, further reducing external wiring.
  • 80 pound injectors. Injectors are sealed between the housing and cast fuel rails for sealing. A stainless steel ball and seat ensure maximum internal sealing.
  • The TPS sensor is an automatic, self calibrating, non-contact sensor. No contacts to wear out, so it’s a worry-free unit.

To find more information on Atomic EFI’s great performance specs, get details on the free MSD 6A, or see just how easy installation truly is go to