Demand is always high for top-notch performance parts from racers who are looking to gain an edge at the track. Shops must constantly evaluate what the market needs and if they’re in position to keep up with the needs of their customers. Taylor, Michigan-based Team Z Motorsports has been setting the standard in aftermarket suspension parts, and that sterling reputation had led to growth and a need to bring on more talented fabricators.


According to Team Z’s owner David Zimmerman, the growth they have been experiencing is off the charts because they’re always taking on new projects due to demand for their quality work. “The company is growing bigtime — we went from a 10,000 to a 30,000 square foot shop and are full again. Currently, the race car shop is full of cars right now with close to 15 in there, and we’re looking to add some people to deal with all this growth.”


Team Z is looking to add to their staff a Prototype Fabricator and a Welder for the shop. This is in anticipation of the new products that Team Z will be offering soon.

“We are working on expanding into some new chassis besides the Mustang. The plan is to start making rear suspension parts for both the G and F-body cars. We will also start to offer standard rearends, Fab-9 units, K-members, and other parts for these cars. The plan is to have these rolling by the second quarter of 2017,” Zimmerman says.

So if you’re interested in working at one of the top chassis and suspension shops in the country this is your chance! Take a look at the Team Z Motorsports Facebook page for all the job details.