The original diecast car was actually must bigger than the toys we know and love today. One thing that has remained constant though was the ability of diecast car companies to accurately reproduce legendary cars from every make and model. What better way to get kids into racing than to shower them with classic diecast racers? Please, don’t literally shower your kids with metal toys; it will hurt.

Instead, just stuff one of these classic Cobra Jet Mustang diecast cars from Supercar Collectibles. Modified Mustangs and Fords reports on this new, accurate diecast model.

Supercar Collectibles started out as a home business back in 1995. They now accurately sell legendary race cars on a 1:18 scale. Taking a look at their website, there are any number of famous old drag racers up for sale. Their latest offering is a ‘68 and ½ Cobra Jet Mustang drag racer. It is an accurate replica of the same ‘68 Cobra Jet driven by the West Coast Ford Drag Team.

The model itself was produced by AutoWorld, with a ‘69 Cobra Jet model also in the works. Supercar Collectibles licenses the vehicles, and in this case it will offer just 750 limited edition models, and you can choose between with Rusty Gillis’ or Ed Terry’s liveries. These cars should be in stock by mid-March for about $100 a pop.