Rumors abound with regard to the 2015 Mustang. We’re hearing whispers that the car will be previewed to the press in December, though our sources at Ford say as of this time there is no “Mustang news” to report.

While we can speculate all we want on what the S550 Mustang platform will be like, we are now seeing what may be an accidental leak of the Mustang’s upcoming options, pricing structure, and engines. This info comes courtesy of, in the form of a Market Research Survey. Mustang6g tells us they have a source within Ford that confirms that at the very least the engine lineup listed here reflects what will be in the next generation car.

Scanning through the survey, the engine displacements have been slightly skewed,we would guess to provide some plausible deniability. Still we see an available V6 with 300 hp, a turbo four cylinder with 310 hp, and a V8 with 430 hp. While we’d like to see all of those numbers for each engine up by 20 hp, we won’t know the final actual numbers until they are revealed by Ford.

Other options contained within the survey that could be included on the 2015 Mustang include Recaro seats, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, lane departure warning, heads up display, and more.

We’ve also seen adaptive cruise control, inductive charging pad, rear end gearing options that include 3.55 and 3.15, as well as performance packages for the turbo four-cylinder, and the V8 models. Wheel options run 17, 18, 19, and 20-inches.

We have posted a few screen shots from the survey here, and Mustang6g has screen shots of the entire survey as it was taken by the forum’s post originator, you can check out the complete list by following the link above.

We can only dream that car companies would let us pick and choose options like this instead of packaging them, so a truly custom tailored and custom priced car could be built. If this is the list of options on the upcoming Mustang, then the next car will truly be high-tech and continue it’s performance driven ways, and that may be the best news of all.