We talked with StopTech’s Motorsports Engineer Matt Dudek about their successful line of Big Brake Kits.  At this year’s SEMA Tradeshow, StopTech released an expanded line of kits for performance vehicles.  Offering the Big Brake kits to production cars, from Audi, Cadillac, Toyota, Acura, Infiniti, Dodge and Ferrari, StopTech is looking to expand these kits even further in the future.

Dudek explained why the kits have been so popular; “The Big Brake kits feature the four or six piston ultra light calipers with our own patented bridge for easy replacement of pads.  Not only do they provide exceptional stopping power, but are easy to install and provide up to 17% reduction in weight.”

Dudek also pointed out “The ST calipers feature silicone rubber dust seals around each piston to prevent debris from damaging the internal components.  The Trophy calipers don’t require the same level of debris protection so they don’t have the external silicone seals without sacrificing debris protection.  We try to tailor the caliper to the application.”

Features of the StopTech Big Brake Kits:

  • Fully forged aluminum construction with hard anodized finish
  • Patented, bolt-in bridge minimizes caliper compliance for a firmer pedal
  • Uses standard FMSI D1247 pad
  • Can be used on rotors with outer diameter of 328-380mm and thickness of 28-35mm
  • ALL finished parts are 100% leak down and pressure tested to 2500 PSI
  • Uses a popular pad shape readily available in over 15 street performance and race friction compounds
  • Over 19 different piston size combinations available to tune brake torque to the needs of each individual application
  • Differential piston sizes minimize pad taper for longer pad life and a firmer pedal
  • Dust boots are standard for reduced maintenance on Sport Trophy Kits

Calipers are available with, or without the silicone dust seals around each piston.

Dudek seemed extremely proud to tell us about the high temperature finish on the calipers and rotor hats; “the finish is impervious to color change at high temperatures.  You can count on the same look from your StopTech Big Brake kit, every time you hit the track.”

For more information about StopTech’s line of Big Brake Kits, visit them at www.stoptech.com