Water/methanol injection carries a number of great benefits for road-going high performance cars, and for those of you with 2005-10 Ford Mustang GT’s and GT-500’s, Snow Performance has developed a new Stage 3 Boost Cooler water/methanol injection system specifically for these cars that features one of the most sophisticated digital 3-dimensional controllers available for added versatility and smoother power in any driving conditions.

This new Boost Cooler utilizes special mapping for correct injection in naturally aspirated and boosted applications and is compatible with supercharged, turbo, and naturally aspirated fuel injected combinations. The Stage 3 system also has a new LCD screen that displays boost, fuel injector duty cycle, and injection pump output.

As a water/methanol system, the Boost Cooler injects a fine mist of water and methanol into the intake tract, providing anti-detonation. The system comes with everything needed for installation, including water/meth specific 220 psi high pressure/high volume fuel pump and specially designed nozzles to atomize the mixture completely.

Among the other notable features and benefits:

  • Custom parts list, instructions, and photos for this vehicle for easy installation.
  • Quick set-up – easier to use and set up than any other water-methanol injection system. Proprietary software creates 3D map from just a few data points.
  • Increased injection accuracy – maximizes power in all driving conditions. System benefits from EFI sensors – air temp, coolant temp, rpm, throttle position, MAP/MAF, knock sensor etc.
  • Smooth Power – most versatile system for the most correct injection curve. More power in mid-range and better throttle response than other systems.